Love or Hate?: The City’s New Parking Meters

Have a question about the new parking system? This Reddit AMA is for you.

Photo via Flickr


Do you have very strong opinions about the city’s new pay-by-plate parking meters? Now you can learn more than you ever thought you’d want to know. Our pals at Reddit Pittsburgh are currently holding a very interesting “Ask Me Anything” discussion with a user whose company created the new technology.

Reddit user Mouse_Card, whose company built, installed and maintains the meters, currently is answering all kinds of questions about the system — like when you’ll be able to add time via your smartphone (soon!), why there is a $1 minimum (credit-card processing fees) and any privacy concerns related to the meters’ storing plate info and location data (all plate info apparently is scrubbed from the network after 24 hours).

There’s a ton of in-depth and genuinely refreshing discussion going on, and Mr. Mouse_Card will be answering more questions later tonight, so fire away.


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