Love at First Bite? Primanti’s Offers to Pay for Your Wedding

The offer comes with a few strings attached.

photo by sean collier

What’s more romantic than taking your sweetheart to a special dinner at Primanti Bros. on Valentine’s Day?

Well, proposing at said Primanti’s of course. And because nothing says “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” quite like watching your significant other down a pastrami and cheese, if you propose inside any of the Primanti Bros. locations on Valentine’s Day, they will host an “all-expenses-paid” wedding for you.

According to Primanti’s website, the “group wedding and reception” will be held this summer, with the exact date to be determined based on availability.

Group wedding? That’s right – the website says that all participants will have their weddings simultaneously. The number of guests each couple can bring may also be limited; the festivities will be held at the original Primanti’s in the Strip District, and if you’ve ever been there on a Saturday, you know the place fills up quickly — the restaurant seats about 110 people.

photo via flickr creative commons

You don’t even have to buy anything on Valentine’s Day to get this, as “no purchase is necessary to be eligible.” But who can really walk into a Primanti’s and not get a sandwich or at least some fries?

If this sounds like your ultimate wedding, there are a few things you have to do before you pop the question. Like buy a ring, but also fill out this questionnaire  so Primanti’s knows your name, what location you plan on proposing at and at what time. Specific details about the wedding and reception will be shared after your proposal.

Pause for a moment of consideration though: your wedding would take place at the Primanti’s in the Strip District, which means a few things. One, the bathrooms are located down some of the most precarious steps in Pittsburgh, and two, they don’t have appetizers.

While you may be able to get things such as mozzarella wedges and chicken tenders at other locations, the Strip location is strictly sandwiches, fries and chili. What food will be provided for the reception is still a mystery, but the looming question is, will there be a cookie table?

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