Longtime Mt. Washington Restaurant Closing

Over the years, a President and a Prime Minister dined there.

Photo by richard cook


The owners of the Tin Angel announced they will close for good at the end of May.

Paul Kyros ran the restaurant, located on Grandview Avenue on Mount Washington, until his death in 2006. His son and daughter, James Kyros and Maria Kyros Menniti, continued the business, although each has an additional career.

“We’re the next generation in a family business,” said Dr. James Kyros in a statement, “and continued our father’s legacy. But now we’re both more active in our professions and our families. We decided it’s time to move on.”

The restaurant, open for nearly 60 years, estimates more than 500,000 people have dined at the Tin Angel, including Cher and Russell Crowe. On Feb. 28, 1994, President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister John Major dined there, watching fireworks over the city has they enjoyed their meal, complete with Iron City beers.

The Kyros are seeking another lessee for the building.

Reservations will be accepted through May 30.



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