Little Wooden Wonders: Bring Home a Piece of The Forest

Proceeds from the sale of these hand-carved mushrooms benefit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.


It’s easy to fall in love with the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

Spanning 460 acres of former mining land near Oakdale, the one-time farm is being transformed by passionate horticulturists into a premier garden featuring 18 distinct gardens, a visitor’s center, an amphitheater for outdoor concerts and much more.

The garden’s first scenic 60 acres, including a restored acid mine drainage pond, opened year-round to the public this spring. Once completed, the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden will be the fifth-largest botanic garden in the nation.

Although the wonder of the botanic garden is best viewed in person (and really, the gazebo in the Dogwood Meadow is something you have to see), it is possible to take a piece of the forest home with you.


Charlie Brown, a garden volunteer, carved mushrooms from the fallen trees found around the property. The pieces are now for sale in the Bayer Welcome Center.

Proceeds from the sale of the handcrafted pieces, which range in price from $8 for a small mushroom to $100 for an extra large mushroom, benefit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

Available at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
799 Pinkerton Road



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