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Wander into a small bakery in Pittsburgh’s Historic Strip District; you’ll find the aromas are intoxicating. At Enrico Biscotti, we have all manner of traditional Italian pastries, from macaroons to tortas. But what will surely catch your eye are the magnificent biscotti; huge – not the typical small, hard, no taste variety that seem to be everywhere. We hand shape and bake every loaf of biscotti, then hand cut every piece. The result is a biscotti that is not uniform in size and shape, but one that is unique, natural and true to the methods that bakers have used for hundreds of years.

All the products are made on site and by hand. Although we don’t employ assembly line methods, we have the capacity to produce over 1000 pounds of biscotti every day. Only natural ingredients are used in the production of Enrico Biscotti; butter, eggs, Neilson Massey brand vanillas, nuts and spices. We have never used any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Address: 2022 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Country: United States
Phone Number: 412-281-2602
Location: Strip District
Special Services: Catering/Banquets, Delivery
Cuisine Type: Bakery, caf
Attire: Casual