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Specialties include bucatini amatriciana with plum tomatoes, garlic, pork pancetta and white wine; pork tenderloin roasted with black-raspberry sauce and herbed mashed potatoes; egglant parmigiana, breaded portobello and eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses with fusilli pasta. M-F, 11am-9pm; Sat, 4-9pm.

Address: 120 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Country: United States
Phone Number: 412-391-1226
Location: Downtown
Cuisine Type: American, Italian
Cost Range: $15-$25
Listing Owner Name: David Lamatrice
Listing Owner: 550, , , david@thepipagroup.com, davidthepipagroup-com, david@thepipagroup.com, david@thepipagroup.com, , 2019-08-05 20:21:02, ,