Lions, Tigers and Buddhas, Oh My!

The Dollar Bank lions have returned home, the Pittsburgh Zoo has a new furry friend and a floating Buddha is coming to our shores.

Photo by Donald Scott


Lions return home

Back in 2009, a 20-ton crane lifted a pair of lions from their perch downtown. These cats were especially old—138 years old, in fact—and especially large, weighing in at 9,000 pounds each. They belonged to Pittsburgh’s oldest bank, Dollar Bank on Fourth Avenue, and sat guard in front of the historic 1871 building since the Ulysses S. Grant administration.

With great care, Golon Masonry Restoration Inc. & Sealants of West Mifflin used a crane and a flatbed trailer to transport the lions to Oberlin, Ohio, for careful restoration by the team at McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Laboratory.

Now the historic lions have returned home and been placed inside the bank for protection.

For more: Pittsburgh-Post Gazette

(Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Zoo)

The Pittsburgh Zoo has a tiny tiger

Look at this little fella! This Amur tiger cub, born in April, is the newest resident of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Since he still has to grow into his paws, he can only be be viewed through a video monitor at the moment, but you can watch him get his first vet check-up right here:

Did you know?
Amur tigers were once referred to as Siberian tigers, but they are no longer found in that region.

(Photo by Daniel Antal)

Serenity now, Jerry!

All the buzz this week surrounded an upcoming visit from a 40-foot-tall rubber ducky, but there will be another floating art installation coming to our shores even sooner. This transparent Buddha will be a part of the Three Rivers Arts Festival and will float outside Point State Park from June 7-16. Named "Floating Echo," it is the surreal work of Korean-born New York artist Chang-jin Lee.

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