Let's Dance: Show Off your Choreography

These couples took the lead on the dance floor to start their parties off right.

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You Make My Dreams Come True.
Michelle Bradbury and Alex Pazuchanics (above) met through the ballroom dancing club at George Washington University. Although they haven’t danced competitively in years, the couple decided to bring back part of an old routine from their college days for their Sept. 4 wedding, dancing to one of their favorite jives, “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates. “We don’t have a ton of time to be good at it anymore, but it is fun to dance like we used to,” Michelle says. 

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Ashley Brienza and Justin Snodgrass wanted to get their guests excited and on the dance floor at their wedding on Sept. 24, so several of their friends agreed to perform individual dance routines to songs that represented aspects of the couple’s relationship. One friend started things off with “Thriller,” noting that the Halloween when the pair met was “a thriller of a good time.” Another wore a lion mask and danced to “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King” — the couple had their first date, as well as their reception, at the Pittsburgh Zoo. “My brother finished it with ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown, and they pulled Justin and I up to the middle, and all of our friends and family surrounded us and started dancing,” Ashley says. “It was absolutely incredible.” 

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Save the Last Dance for Me.
After her wedding ceremony on New Year’s Eve, Brittany Nuzzo changed out of her ballgown and into a mermaid gown to make it easier for her and Chad Callen to perform a dance to a medley of songs choreographed by Arthur Murray Dance Studio. “A lot of weddings are typically all the same, and I wanted to do something different,” Chad says. “But of the [dances] you see people do, a lot are pretty bad, so we wanted to do it right.” They started things off with a slow dance to “Thinking out Loud” by Ed Sheeran before moving to a variety of music from the past few decades, including songs by The Jackson 5, AC/DC and WALK THE MOON. They finished their routine with “Save the Last Dance for Me” by Michael Bublé.  

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Ashli Podrosky says her dad, Mark, is a “big ham,” so it was a no-brainer for the pair to do a choreographed dance at her wedding to Brody Gilbert on Dec. 17. They started off slow-dancing to “What a Wonderful World” when her dad suddenly walked up to the DJ booth, told him to cut the music, grabbed the mic and said the famous line from “Footloose:” “Hey, hey what’s this I see? I thought this was a party. Let’s dance!” Ashli pretended not to know what was happening before joining in. “Practicing leading up to the wedding created a great memory for both of us, and it’s something we talk about often, so I’m really glad we decided to do that,” Ashli says. 

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