Let the Pigeon-Preying Begin

If there's one thing that many Burghers think of when the hear my name, it's pigeons. Pigeon hate, specifically. Or even more specifically, eternal burning hellfire pigeon hate.

I didn’t wake up one morning and say to myself, "Clearly, I need to get me a mortal enemy," only to see a pigeon alight on my windowsill.

The pigeons picked this fight via their ruthless downtown dive-bombing, scary sidewalk-congregating and strategic poop-aiming ways. They chose ME. I didn’t choose them.

As a pigeon hater, I’m naturally a peregrine falcon lover. Cute pigeon killers.

Here in Pittsburgh, the National Aviary maintains two falcon nests that are viewable around the clock via "Falcon Cams."


pigeon cam screen shot

A screen-shot of the glorious, pigeon-eating falcon at the top of the Gulf Tower.

It’s that time of year again where the falcons are camera-ready, giving us a chance to peek into the life of a falcon as they nest and start a new falcon family. There are two cameras you can watch—one atop the Cathedral of Learning and one atop the Gulf Tower. Right now, the falcons are busy keeping their eggs warm, but soon we’ll experience the deep abiding joy that comes from watching a mommy falcon feed bloody pigeon bits to screaming, hungry falcon babies.

Before you comment and use either the word "disturbing" or the word "boycott," let me first just say this: It’s the circle of life.

Elton John sang about it.

Embrace it.

Now go watch the Falcon Cams. I promise it’s the best reality show since that one-hot-tub-scene-away-from-JerseyShore, Meerkat Manor.

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