Kumiko Tsuji & Daisuke Takeuchi

July 5, 2008


Yuichi and Noriko Tsuji & Seiko Takeuchi


Used to entertaining audiences numbering into the thousands, perhaps it’s no surprise that Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre principal dancers Kumiko and Daisuke chose to wed simply, with just a small group of family and friends in attendance. The duo is making Pittsburgh their first home as a married couple, but chose to return to Hokkaido, Japan, for wedding festivities.

Organizing a wedding from the other side of the planet was out of the question, so Kumiko and Daisuke hired a wedding planner, Kanako Watanabe of Sapporo City in Hokkaido. "She was the one who did everything for us," says Kumiko. "We let her decide flower color and any decoration for the tables and cake, and [we really loved the way] she did it."

But this wedding included many special touches from the bride and groom. For one, Kumiko made her own wedding dress-making a beautiful entrance down the aisle of the Miyanomori Frances Church in Sapporo City.


The party moved to Ververge, a restaurant next to the church, for the reception, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. "The food was amazing, and the service were good. Since we had a small wedding, it was really nice and relaxing and at-home style, so people got to talk a lot," says Kumiko.

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