Kraft Heinz Squeezes Out New Ketchup with Vintage Taste

Can a recipe from 1896 still taste as good?

In a back-to-the-future move, Kraft Heinz is offering an “H.J. Heinz Vintage 1896 Recipe” version of its iconic ketchup.

The vintage ketchup is comprised of “eight simple ingredients, a unique blend of spices and made with a rougher-cut tomato,” says Michael Mullen, senior vice president of corporate and government affairs for Kraft Heinz.

He tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the recipe follows H.J Heinz’s “handwritten recipe” and is available in smoky and spicy flavors. The company recently started shipping the vintage ketchup to retailers nationwide.

Looking to increase sales, Kraft Heinz also is expanding its line of existing products.

The Post-Gazette reports that the company will be producing Ssäm Sauce, a Korean chili sauce, that will be sold on Springboard, a new platform for Kraft Heinz, partnered with Momofuku to create new food and beverage concepts, resulting in the new sauce.


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