Kick Back and Relax with a Baby Sloth

For $150 you can book an up-close hang out session with Vivien the two-toed sloth.

photo by renee rosensteel


There are lots of ways to try to slow things down. Take a meditation class, go on a long walk, sign up at a yoga studio. But if you really want to reduce the pace of life, perhaps it’s best to consult with an expert — and who knows more about taking it easy than a sloth?

Vivien, the National Aviary’s third Linneaus’ two-toed sloth, was introduced to the public on Jan. 9; born Aug. 21, she made her first public appearance (pictured) weighing in at about 2.5 lbs. and measuring roughly 14.5 inches. Though she was only a few months old, Vivien began making private appearances shortly thereafter: For $150 per person, you can book an interactive encounter with Vivien. Aviary staff will show you into a private room where you’ll be able to pet the slow-moving mammal, shoot up-close photos (Vivien is a bit of a ham when cameras appear) and even snap selfies — dubbed “slothies” by Aviary staff.

The Aviary has added sloths (Vivien has two older colleagues, Valentino and Wookiee) and other species to better demonstrate the habitats in which some of their birds live; keeping mammals also allows the Aviary to maintain the highest level of zoo accreditation in the country. Such details are of no concern to Vivien, however, who is simply happy to meet you and demonstrate what life looks like when you sleep up to 20 hours per day.

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