Just a Country Boy and Girl Gettin' Hitched on a Farm

I‘ve always dreamed of an October wedding. It’s my favorite month. I love the crisp air, sunshine and beautiful autumn leaves. So, when we got engaged last October 13, I thought nearly a year was plenty of time to secure a fabulous location. My research began the following day. Mr. Right and I are not fancy, ballrooms-with-marble-columns type of people. We both grew up in the country and prefer corn-on-the-cob to caviar. So, I wasn’t looking for the typical downtown hotel reception. I looked into a few venues only to discover that every Saturday in fall 2010 was completely booked at all three locations!

One of my many web searches revealed Armstrong Farms in Saxonburg. The photos on the website were breathtaking. I called immediately and spoke with Kathy Allen, the "innkeeper" of the farm. She told me they had one Saturday open in the fall, September 25. I made an appointment to visit the site for the following Saturday–there was no time to waste!

My mom, Mr. Right and I drove to Saxonburg on a clear, sunny Saturday morning. As we rounded the bend in the dirt road, as if it was a mirage, there stood the Allyson Anne barn surrounded by pine trees, with a quaint guest house next door and a shimmering pond in the background. I didn’t even need to see anymore. This was it.

We went inside the 150-year-old barn to find strands of white lights and paper lanterns lining the ceiling. Outside on the deck, the view of the pastures and rolling countryside seemed to go on forever. We took a stroll down by the pond where an atrium framed the picturesque ceremony site and a stubborn goose paced her territory. Finally, Kathy took us inside one of the two guesthouses that came with the property. It was fate. There was only one Saturday left, and, even though it wasn’t quite October, it was going to be ours! We signed the contract then and there.

I’ve been careful not to take the farm theme too far, but it does allow for some creativity. For example, the centerpieces will be antique mason jars filled with ivory gerber daisies, and our rehersal dinner will be a casual cookout outside the barn. Then after the reception is over, a bonfire will be lit so we can continue to celebrate with our family and friends.

I love everything about Armstrong Farms, even though I would have thought I was too practical for an outdoor wedding. Armstrong Farms was too beautiful to pass up. Besides, it’s my wedding day–it couldn’t possibly rain! Right?