Jordan Staal Q+A Contest

Submit your most creative question for a chance to win a framed print of Jordan.

Want to know how Jordan Staal felt having to watch the team from the press box for three months? Or his opinion on the headshot controversy? Or his favorite story from the road?

Submit your most creative, thoughtful question for a chance to win a framed 9×9 illustration of Jordan from our friends at The Pensblog. You can submit your question in the Comments section below, or reply to @SeanCon66 on Twitter. If you leave an anonymous comment, please include your e-mail address in order to be eligible to claim your prize.

The five best questions will be asked in our sit-down with Jordan in next month’s issue. The grand prize winner will be chosen randomly from the five best submissions. Now do your best Larry King.

"Jordan, are you aware you have brothers?"


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