Joe Manganiello Knocks off Superman, Batman is Next

The Mt. Lebanon native and insanely loyal Pittsburgh Steelers fan is engaging in superhero trash talk with one of his movie co-stars.

Wheels up! Game ball in tow… #HereWeGo  @Steelers @NFL #AFCChampionship

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Pittsburgh’s Joe Manganiello and Ben Affleck have a lot in common. They are Hollywood stars, married well-known actresses and both are set to appear in the same movie. But the two A-listers part ways when it comes to football.

Affleck is a New England Patriots fan and a buddy of quarterback Tom Brady. Manganiello bleeds black and gold.

Shortly after Pittsburgh knocked off Kansas City Sunday night, Manganiello took to social media to call out Affleck, who will be playing Batman in their upcoming movie, “The Batman.” In an Instagram caption, Manganeillo wrote “Superman down.. Batman's next.”
Manganiello already has defeated Superman, in this case actor Henry Cavill, a Kansas City fan who played the man of steel in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” last summer.

As of this writing, Affleck hasn’t responded to Manganiello. Either way, the two will be seeing a lot of each other. Manganeillo plays the villain, Deathstroke, in “The Batman,” due out sometime next year.

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