Jake, Call Me

Our gorgeous city serves as the backdrop for three upcoming major motion pictures.

We’ve covered this, right guys?

That Pittsburgh is the new Hollywood.

Movie after movie. A-list actor after A-list actor. Descending on the ‘Burgh for months at a time, employing our people, eating at our restaurants, in the case of Taylor Lautner, causing our teenage daughters to turn to mush all, "OMG. HE’S SO CUTE!", or in the case of Jake Gyllenhaal, causing me to turn to mush all, "OMG. HE’S SO CUTE!"

Right now on your TV, you have probably caught trailers for three major movies, all of them filmed right here in Pittsburgh.

First up, we have Unstoppable starring Denzel Washington using sites in Emporium, Tyrone, Milesburg, Port Allegany, Eldred, Port Mathilda, Turtle Point, Lawrenceville, Monaca, Carnegie and downtown Pittsburgh, according to the Pittsburgh Film Office.

Beyond that, who is that I see at 1:27 in? Don’t blink.

Mike Clark from WTAE!

Next up, The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Neeson. It was shot in downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland, the North Side, Regent Square, the South Side and Pittsburgh International Airport.

This trailer stars the City of Pittsburgh. Shot after shot after gorgeous shot showcasing what makes our city worthy of serving as the backdrop for major motion pictures.

Finally, Love and Other Drugs starring Jake Gyllenhaal (OMG! HE’S SO CUTE!) and Anne Hathaway (before she chopped all of her hair off). This is a movie all about Viagra. Seriously. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a Viagra salesman. The film was shot in the Hill District, the North Side, Oakland, Fox Chapel, Sewickley, McKees Rocks, McCandless, Monongahela, Brownsville, Aliquippa and Lawrenceville. 

This movie actually takes place in Chicago. And again, it is about Viagra.

Who knew a movie about Viagra could look so endearing?

They should film the next Mission: Impossible here now that Pittsburgh has so much movie cred. Ethan Hunt could get a message all, "Your next mission, should you choose to accept it: drive from Monroeville to downtown on the Parkway East without braking one time. This message will self destruct."

Truly an impossible mission, that.

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