It's a Beautiful Day to Consider Visiting PNC Park … Tomorrow

This week, during the height of Steelers euphoria and right smack-dab in the middle of the Penguins season, the Pittsburgh Pirates announced a change in pricing for game-day tickets.

Buying a Buccos ticket at the gate on the day of the game will now put you back two-to-five more dollars per ticket than if you bought tickets in advance.

From a revenue perspective, this seems like a terrible idea, simply because with the Pirates playing as horribly as they have for the better part of the last two decades (that was literally painful to write), many people only buy tickets to the Bucs when they wake up one summer day, it’s beautiful and sunny outside, and they think, "Hey, it’s a nice day to go visit PNC Park and listen to the giant sucking sound while eating nachos and drinking beer."

I was one of those people last season. I went to enjoy the weather and the Pirates lost by 20 runs (another painful sentence). But it sure was a nice, sunny day.

Now those spur-of-the-moment buyers—those I-have-nothing-better-to-do-today—buyers are going to have an extra incentive to NOT pony up their cash to go and visit the sucking sound.

Putting that aside, I gotta applaud the, pardon my Spanish, cojones of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization which has apparently never heard the phrase "You are in no position to negotiate."

Coming off of their 18th losing season complete with 105 losses, they essentially are standing with their hands tied behind their backs, on two broken legs, their backs to the wall, with 300,000 loaded guns pointed right at them, and the Pirates say, "I’m giving you one last chance to surrender."

It’s either incredibly brave or epically stupid and suicidal.

Either way, Pittsburgh, [puts on rose colored glasses], THIS IS THE YEAR!


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