It Happened to Me

It’s inevitable — something funny, outrageous or unplanned happens on the way to “I Do.” We rounded up the best of the worst from local brides — and grooms.

If the Shoe Fits:
Amanda Pope had her dream wedding shoes custom-embellished with sapphire and aquamarine crystals to spell out her and her husband’s names and their wedding date: June 27, 2015. But on the day of her wedding to Chris Leber, she forgot them in her hotel room, 40 minutes from the ceremony site. With not one of her 11 bridesmaids sharing her shoe size, Leber was forced to choose between wearing her Nike sneakers or a pair of fuzzy white slippers down the aisle. She went with the slippers. “It was great,” she says. “No one knew I was super-comfortable.”

Say Cheese(y):
Troy Fine was left speechless when, instead of a traditional toast for his June 6 wedding to Jessica Mirowitz, his best man surprised him by showing a homemade video from their college years of the two of them lip-syncing to pop singer Nick Lachey’s ultra-weepy ballad “What’s Left of Me.” “My best man coordinated everything with the deejay ahead of time,” Fine says. “Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the show.”

What would Bugs Bunny Have to Say?:
Jessica Yonkin’s husband, B.J. Schreib, unintentionally gave his best Elmer Fudd impersonation at their wedding on May 9 when he referred to his “wawfully wedded wife” during his vows instead of “lawfully wedded wife.” “We had to pause for all the laughter,” Schreib says. “To this day, I still refer to myself as his ‘wawfully wedded wife.’”

Evacuate the Dance Floor:
Thanks to her strapless dress — and her crazy dance moves — Ashley Jacobson got more exposure than she planned on Aug. 22, the day she wed Joseph Bratek. “I had a nip slip at the reception,” she says. “I had no idea it happened, or that it was happening, or how many times it happened, but it totally did.” Bratek says she since has destroyed any photographic evidence. “Lesson of the day, future brides: Do an arm-raise check in multiple positions and/or dance moves, so that you don’t give your guests more than they bargained for.”

Rain Dance:
The remnants of a tropical storm were barreling towards western Pennsylvania on the day of Melissa Morrison’s wedding to Keith Tully on June 20 at a local park. Just as the last entrées were served at the outdoor reception, a loud BEEEEEEEEP reverberated throughout the pavilion as an emergency-services alarm went off on the cellphones of all 125 wedding guests, warning of the potential for a flash flood. Fortunately, Morrison was able to shake off the weather. “We danced in the rain for the rest of the evening,” she says.


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