Is Kennywood's Phantom’s Revenge Best Coaster in USA?

The fastest amusement park ride in Pennsylvania is currently in the running for best roller coaster — and it’s gained plenty of speed.


Kennywood’s main attraction has attracted some attention.

Phantom’s Revenge, the fastest and tallest of Kennywood’s six coasters, is currently in the lead in a competition against 19 other coasters across the country in USA Today 10 Best’s 2018 Reader’s Choice for “Favorite Roller Coaster in America.”

The thrill ride opened in 2001, featuring a second drop of 230 feet at 85 mph and a track length of 3,365 feet. It is a renovated version of Steel Phantom, which was the fastest roller coaster in the world when it debuted in 1991, reaching speeds of 78 mph. Steel Phantom held that record until it was unseated by the Tower of Terror, a coaster able to reach speeds of 100 mph, which opened at Australian theme park Dreamland in 1997.

Phantom’s Revenge, which remains the fastest coaster in PA, has been ranked in the Golden Ticket Awards annually since 2000 and has been ranked in the top 5 of the  National Amusement Park Historical Association Favorite Steel Roller Coaster poll every year since it debuted, save 2008.

The Kennywood coaster is up against coasters from theme parks including Six Flags, Cedar Point and SeaWorld Orlando. Currently, Phantom’s Revenge holds first place in the poll, with Goliath from Six Flags Great America right behind it in second.

USA Today 10Best’s poll also includes categories such as “Best Outdoor Water Park” and “Best Amusement Park Entertainment.” The 20 coasters competing in the “Best Roller Coaster” category were selected by a panel of theme park experts. The top 10 winning rides will be announced on on June 22.

Fans can cast their votes until noon on June 11.

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