Is an Upholstered Bed Right for You?

There is a lot in the market in the way of upholstered beds, whether done in fabric or in leather. The options abound for designing a bed that is just the way that you want it right down to the finish color you want on the nail head trim. But is an upholstered bed something you think you could make work in your home? 

Ask yourself these questions to find out if an upholstered bed is right for you…

1.  Do you prefer less of a match bedroom set look?
An upholstered bed gives you the flexibility to make a design statement with the bed, it can stand as a piece all on its own and be completely different from everything else. You can then layer in the nightstand or bedside chest that can be a pair all their own on either side of the bed. Then onto the dressers themselves, they too can be a different element from the bed and the nightstands; creating an electric look that is beautiful in finish combinations and harmonious in design style.

2.  Do you have an older bedroom that you are looking to refresh?
An upholstered bed is a great way to do that! You can bring an updated look with an upholstered bed.  You can tie in the color of the fabric or the leather you are doing with your existing furniture. Add in a new pair of lamps on either nightstand and WHALA! fresh new bedroom.

3.  Do you find yourself reading, watching TV or a tablet while laying in bed?
It is much more comfortable to prop up that bed pillow on an upholstered bed than a wood headboard for sure. You even have a soft spot to rest your head back if needed.  Not all upholstered beds are created equally in terms of cushioning and quality, so be sure to try them out! 


4.  But what if the bed gets dirty, what about dust?
Well there are PLENTY of stain friendly fabrics out there to make this negative a POSITIVE! Sunbrella, Crypton, Revolution, all awesome soap and water (even bleach) cleanable fabrics! 

You can use vacuum attachments and actually sweep your headboard, to get out any excess dust. Opting to do a leather upholstered option on the bed eliminates that issue all together, since you can simply wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth. 

Upholstered beds come in all shapes and sizes, from twin to California King. From a complete bed with a high footboard, to a complete bed with a low profile footboard, to even headboard only. They can also accommodate even the most complex of mattress sleep systems. 

So many choices, so many possibilities, you can find the right style upholstered bed that works just right for your home!


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