Interactive Brew Map of Pittsburgh, Warhol Sneakers, Bald Eagles Snuggle

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Photo by John Altdorfer


#WhereToGetAPint: Interactive Brew Map of Pittsburgh

Thirsty? Finding a new place to grab a brew in or around the city takes just a few seconds with this new “Pittsburgh booze map” made by Reddit poster HelloDonuts. The map features nearly every brewhouse in town, including microbreweries, brewpubs and nanobreweries. 

If you want specifics about any particular place, you can always refer to our 'Burgh Beer Bible.

#CoolKicks: Converse Rolls out Warhol Line

Converse shoes will honor Andy Warhol with a new line of the famous Chuck Taylor All Stars, beginning Feb. 7. Prints of Warhol’s legendary Campbell’s Soup Can designs will appear on high- and low-top shoes in various colors, ranging in price from $60-$90.

#SteelersDownSouth: Artist Pays Homage to Football Great

Despite living in Asheville, N.C., artist Gus Cutty showed his Pittsburgh pride this week with this painting of former Steelers linebacker Jack Lambert. Painted on what appears to be an old wooden door or gate, Lambert’s face is shown with his familiar determination and lack of a few teeth. The photo has gotten more than 150 Likes on Instagram.

#TastyandUnique: Instagram User Shows off Colorful Assortment of Doughnuts

How about jelly swirls, chocolate sauce and pretzels stacked on top of a doughnut? An Instagram user made her first trip to Peace, Love & Little Donuts in the Strip District this week and made us all jealous of her #yummy #pghfood.

#SnugglesInTheMorning: Bald Eagles’ Kodak Moment

The Eagle cam caught a pair of bald eagles snuggling in their nest early Thursday morning.  A pair of webcams, placed near their nest high in a tree overlooking the Monongahela River in Hays, are tracking the eagles as they prepare to hatch new eaglets this spring. 



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