Inside ModCloth

Mandy Fierens juggles life as an assistant stylist, blogger, college student and model.

In the back of a converted industrial space in the Strip District, a team of trendy photo stylists stage and snap pictures of retro-inspired clothing and accessories for online retailer ModCloth. Mandy Fierens is the most junior member of the team. She’s a customer-turned-employee, who landed the gig after she sent a message to Susan Gregg Koger, company founder and head vintage fashionista.

“I was really inspired by her and asked her to meet up,” Fierens says. It’s a job that’s a perfect fit for this student, who also models on the side and chronicles her plus-size work on her blog, Curvy Couture (

“I’m proud to be plus-size,” she says. “I always get worried that people will say, ‘You’re not skinny enough to be a model.’ But I’m proud of my curves. It’s something that I’ve grown to love.”

Fierens embodies the energy and passion of ModCloth, the savvy little-engine-that-could that has investors swooning. This summer, the company secured nearly $20 million in venture capital funding. Now that’s grounds for a shopping spree.

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