Incoming Pop-up Park Closes Road But Aims to Encourage More People Downtown

Allegheny Overlook Pop-up Park on Fort Duquesne Boulevard will host live performances during the Three Rivers Arts Festival and other cultural events throughout the summer.
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Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership has begun preparation for the Allegheny Overlook Pop-up Park, an outdoor space where people can enjoy art and live music this summer. To accommodate the park, the westbound lanes of Fort Duquesne Boulevard have been temporarily closed between 7th and Stanwix streets. 

The road closure will last throughout the summer, according to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP). The first events held at Allegheny Overlook will be live performances for the Three Rivers Arts Festival starting on June 4, and the pop-up park will serve as an outdoor location for other cultural events afterward.

Richard Hooper, the PDP’s vice president of marketing and communications, said in a statement that the temporary pop-up park will combine the location’s coveted view of the Allegheny River with outdoor experiences to encourage more visitors Downtown. 

“The Allegheny Overlook is an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind temporary park-like experience that leverages one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic views,” Hooper says. “We expect the events at the park to offer an array of great outdoor experiences for dining, art, music and other performances, with the increase in visitor activity also supporting nearby Downtown businesses.”

Hooper says the pop-up park will take advantage of the current lack of traffic in the area due to the pandemic by providing an asset to the entire community.  

“We know that people are anxious to get outside in ways that feel safe and well-considered,” Hooper says. “The Allegheny Overlook will provide that opportunity this summer.”

Plans are in place to manage traffic flow as additional events occur, which Hooper says should reduce any of the pop-up park’s significant impacts on traffic. 

The Allegheny Overlook Pop-up Park is one of the PDP’s many outdoor initiatives that will happen this year — biweekly Yoga in the Square will be running through October, outdoor dining spaces will be highlighted, and the Saturday Night Market will return on June 19. 

More details about the Allegheny Overlook Pop-up Park can be found on the PDP’s website throughout the summer.

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