In All Fairness

I've been a critic of Mayor Ravenstahl's for quite some time now, but I do try to give him props when he earns his props. His kudos when he earns his kudos. His virtual pats on the back when ... you get the picture.

Since my last post, which scolded Luke Ravenstahl for not just giving City Council the data it requested and instead questioning the legality of the subpoena, he finally ordered the data to be given to the council. So while that should have been his first response to the request, the important thing is that he did eventually make it right.

Back pat No. 1.

Back pat No. 2 comes on the heels of reports that Lukey is holding his own while visiting with world business leaders in Shanghai, China, where he gave the keynote address to more than 500 business leaders.

This from the Shanghai Daily:

About 500 foreign and Chinese delegates will take part in the meeting, including heads of major state-owned companies and top private firms.

Topics for discussions will include which industries Shanghai should seek a deeper footing in as it grows.

This year, Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh, will deliver a keynote speech to showcase the United States city’s growth path and its shift from a steel hub to a more dynamic metropolis.

"High-tech, bio-chemicals, life science and health care industries are among the innovative sectors that Pittsburgh built up and Shanghai can do so as well," Ravenstahl said yesterday during his first trip to the city.

Then more recently, he was interviewed by the Shanghai Daily, and you can read it here.

Look, there’s a lot of negativity that could be thrown about on this. Perhaps his answers don’t sound very detailed or pertinent or what not. But it’s a foreign language newspaper, and a state-run one at that. From reports I’m reading from Shanghai, our boy mayor did a good job of showcasing what makes Pittsburgh great. Our people, our industries, our rivers and our great desire to see the city thrive and change to ensure its sustainability.

I don’t care who prepped him. I don’t care if he had a cheat sheet written on his palm. I don’t care if when he practiced in his mirror he was all, "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps," but that when he got in front of the crowd, he lucked out. All I know is that Pittsburgh made a good impression on 500 business leaders a world away, and our much maligned mayor is the reason.

Enjoy the back pats, Luke. They have been few and far between.

Also, there’s this anecdote from the Post-Gazette:

But soon neither one was focused on the view. The heads of both officials were transfixed to the screens of their Blackberries. They might as well be have been in Pittsburgh.

"The business of governing never stops," said Mr. Zober, thumbs pounding on the small machine.

Twenty bucks says he was managing his fantasy football team.

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