How You Can Help a Child in Need

The Children’s Home’s of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center provides care for special needs children, but they can't do it alone.


Jayden was born with a brain anomaly called Bilateral Schizencephaly, and his family was overwhelmed with questions: how were they going to pay for his medical care? How were they going to work and ensure his health needs were met? How was this going to affect their lives?

All of those questions were answered after they were referred to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center’s Pediatric Specialty Hospital. In the hospital, Jayden and his family were accommodated with a comfortable, homelike environment with dedicated spaces to help them learn, adjust and spend time together.  When it was time to go home, Jayden’s family felt comfortable as the experts in their child’s care, and they didn’t have to pay a dime in medical bills. 


Jayden’s journey with The Children’s Home continues today as a student in Child’s Way, a daycare for medically fragile children. You can see Jayden maneuvering his power wheelchair up and down the halls, and he talks and laughs with all of his friends because Child’s Way is set up like a typical daycare, but with trained nurses and teachers. At only $32-per-day to attend, most families’ payments are further subsidized.

You can make a difference for families like Jayden’s by donating to The Children’s Home. Through its three programs: Adoption, Child’s Way and the Pediatric Specialty Hospital, you are investing in a family today to secure a child’s tomorrow. 

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