How to Make Your Wedding Seating Charts Stand Out

Seating charts are a wedding staple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them.

Couple: Alexis Tragos and Robert Stockard, photos by Libby Hilf Photography

Sandra Monahan, master wedding planner for Weddings without Worries, says seating charts are used at 95 percent of the weddings she plans or attends. Nearly all of those couples use name cards as a way to display their personality and creativity.

“The couple comes up with something that resonates with them,” Monahan says. “It’s simply based on the individual couple, their budget and their hobbies or their careers — the list just goes on and on.”

Couple: Angie Candell Brandon and Jason Brandon, photo by Mariia Berezina

Monahan says a seating chart helps to ensure that every guest is accommodated, meaning less worry for the newly married couple.

Colleen Raymond, wedding and event planner for One Fine Day Wedding and Event Planning, agrees that a seating chart helps to keep things running smoothly, particularly when guests choose between multiple dinner options before the reception. If the reception includes a buffet, a seating chart may not be necessary, she says. Both Raymond and Monahan agree that a large, formal reception requires a seating chart but that a casual, intimate reception does not require one.

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After the initial arranging, the fun part comes in planning the name cards, which the couple can use to incorporate a wedding theme, a unique hobby or a favorite thing.

“I have seen everything. There’s no limit to what some couples are doing today,” Monahan says.

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The table holding the name cards usually greets guests arriving at the reception, Raymond notes.

“When you have that table coming in, that’s the first thing guests see, and it does make a difference in getting that fun reception mood going,” Raymond says. “That table can give the wedding a certain vibe from the beginning.”

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