How to Look Like an Ethereal Goddess on Your Wedding Day

We found the latest beauty trends for spring (glowy highlights, a shock, we know) plus tips for stay-all-day bridal makeup.

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Spring wedding season means pastel-colored bridesmaids dresses, plenty of tulips — and sweating. Lots of sweating.

Saying “I do” during the rainy months, or when the temperature is above 75 degrees, can be stress-inducing for anyone involved. For the bride (or anyone wearing makeup), thoughts about looking shiny in photos or melting makeup are often high on the list of worries. 

Local makeup artist Tayler Derringer, who mainly works with brides and wedding parties as a freelance artist, says knowing what works best with your skin is half the battle.
“I always suggest first and foremost that you have a good primer,” she says. “Moisturize your skin well before you apply foundation and know your skin type. If you are going to get a foundation, you want to get the correct one.”

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Derringer’s go-to products for keeping brides and bridal parties looking fresh are Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control setting spray (“especially during the summer,” she says), the Too Faced Better Than Sex waterproof mascara and Huda Beauty foundation.
Danielle Mock, owner of Mock Makeup, advises locking things in place with long-lasting lip products such as stains and having oil blotting sheets on hand to minimize shine through the day.

As for spring trends, Mock notes she is seeing a wave of, “Let’s go ahead and accept our own skin.”

Going with light coverage for the skin is a good move, as is choosing only one or two facial features to highlight. This year, the theme is “ethereal beauty.”

“It’s all about softness — glowy highlights in the proper spots and a gentle touch of color on the cheeks,” Mock says. 

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Derringer says she usually starts with a “soft glam” look unless the bride asks for something more specific. 

“Very light on the eyes. If they want false lashes, a natural false lash,” says Derringer. “Something soft and subtle that photographs well.” 

No matter what, Mock says, if anyone in the bridal party is unhappy with their look on the day of the wedding, they should speak up, even if it’s awkward. “Being true to yourself is the most important thing,” she says. “If it doesn’t feel like you, don’t do it.”

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