How to Keep Your Wedding Stress Free

Local experts and former brides offer their best advice on how to make your big day enjoyable.

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Allow for Travel Time
If you are having your ceremony and venue in two different locations, allow plenty of time for your guests to travel between the two spots. If there is not enough time allotted, your guests will feel rushed, and you may even need to push the entire reception back.
–Sheila Weiner, President and Founder, The Event Group •

Schedule in Quiet Time
Planning time for yourself is imperative. Ensure your wedding-day timeline allows for private quiet time before you walk down the aisle and a few moments with your new spouse between the ceremony and reception for reflection and taking in the day and the significance of the moment. 
–Jody Wimer, CEO/Creative Director, JPC Event Group •

Choose the two or three things that are most important to you and your fiancé and focus your budget around those items. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, so whether your “must-have” is a great band or a phenomenal videographer, focus on that and let the other details fall into place. 
–Kimberly Allera, Event Coordinator, Hello Productions •

Don’t Plan for Perfect
You may feel pressure from online forums, social media and sometimes even friends and family to have an Instagram- or Pinterest-worthy day. No matter your budget, no matter your style, it WILL be amazing and it WILL be special because it is your fantastically unique day — one of the best days of your life.
–Dani (Stump) Elliott, Bride, married Adam Elliott on April 18, 2015

Find someone who you can rely on day-of who will be your “wedding planner.” If you can’t afford to have an official wedding planner, ask a close friend or relative. Make sure it’s someone you trust, knows how you want things to look and flow, and can handle chaos well if something does happen. 
–Ashley (Jacobson) Bratek, Bride, married Joseph Bratek on Aug. 22, 2015


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