How to Eat Avocado on Toast Like a Boss

This trio of recipes for avocado on toast is inspired by the profane and profoundly funny Thug Kitchen.

Photos by Leah Lizarondo

Avocados. Nature’s butter. Of course!

With this reminder, my past few lunches have been avocado-on-toast experiments. Changing the palette from “buttered toast” to “avocado on toast” is a game-changing move that not only ups the nutrition ante, but also ups the sandwich style quotient.

I made a bunch of different topping combinations over the past few days and these three are my favorite (so far). The possibilities are endless. They are not even “recipes” technically, I suppose. Let’s call them culinary freestyles.

Try these and then make your own combinations. 


  Avocado. Salt and Pepper. Hummus. Olives. Carrots.


  • My favorite local hummus is Greek Gourmet
  • I would have preferred Kalamata olives if I had them on hand.


  Avocado. Salt and Pepper. Pickled beets and onions. Sprouts.


  • My favorite pickled beets and onion recipe is this one.


  Avocado. Ichimi Togarashi. Gomasio. Crisp dulse.


  • You can substitute cayenne for Ichimi Togarashi but it won’t be quite the same. This is why.
  • You can make your own gomasio by combining salt, sesame seeds and crumbled nori seaweed.
  • Dulse is a seaweed. Pan fry whole leaf dulse to make it crisp (takes only a few seconds)
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