How to Book a Seat to See a Movie on a Pittsburgh River

A floating cinema will come to Pittsburgh Sept. 16 for a week of screenings as part of Beyond Cinema’s U.S. launch.


Pittsburghers will soon have another socially distanced movie screening to choose from, this time of the nautical variety.

Australian company Beyond Cinema will launch a U.S. tour of its Floating Cinema this fall, featuring mini boats for patrons to enjoy a movie on the water. The weeklong boat screenings in Pittsburgh will start Sept. 16. The location hasn’t been announced yet.

Eight people can fit in one of the 12 to 24 mini boats, which must be booked in advance. Each group has its own boat to ensure social distancing.

No lineup has been announced, but the company says it will feature both new releases and classic films.

Sailors can get free popcorn or purchase food and drink beforehand. Tickets are not yet available, but a pre-registration can be found here.

Beyond Cinema boats will also dock in New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and more this fall, starting with a week in St. Louis beginning Sept. 9.

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