How to Address Mental Health Issues Arising from the Pandemic

Penn State Extension webinar series to focus on mental wellness


Sheltering in place has been effective in reducing the spread of coronavirus, but it has left many people vulnerable to depression. A free, five-part webinar series developed by Penn State Extension could help people better manage their mental health as they navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

“The pandemic can take a toll on our well-being as we continue to adapt to changing daily routines, worry about health and finances, and face an uncertain future,” Denise Continenza, an educator with the extension food, families and health program team, said in a press release.

The Mental Wellness During COVID-19 webinar series begins May 26 and continues weekly through June 23. There are two sessions each day at 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Registration is required.

May 26
“Helping Others in Distress.” What we can do to help family, friends, co-workers and neighbors who are expressing the symptoms of distress. 

June 2
“Emotional Overload.” Receive information on strategies to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression including the practice of self-directed cognitive behavioral therapy.

June 9
“Grief, Loss and COVID-19.” Understand grief and recognize what we are experiencing individually and collectively. 

June 16
“Substance Misuse in Times of Crisis.” In times such as these, people often turn to substances. The webinar will teach tips and techniques for healthy coping.

June 23
“Building Resilience.” Learn how coping with the current situation can support the development of skills for dealing with future challenges. 

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