How Much of Pittsburgh Can You Spot in the ‘Mindhunter’ Trailer?

The Netflix series, shot in a variety of Pittsburgh-area locales, premieres October 13.

The full trailer is out for “Mindhunter,” an upcoming Netflix series shot last winter in a half dozen western Pennsylvania locations. The series chronicles the stories of members of an FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit as they try to get inside the heads of serial killers back when “serial killer” was considered new terminology.

“Mindhunter” stars Jonathan Groff (King George III in Hamilton) and Holt McCallany (Burke in Monster Trucks) who portray FBI agents who were pioneers in behavioral profiling during the 1970s. The series is produced by actress Charlize Theron, actor Kevin Spacey and David Fincher.  Spacey and Fincher worked together on “House of Cards.”

“Mindhunter” drops on Netflix on Oct. 13.

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