How Are You Coping with the New Normal?

Would you be willing to take a blood test in order to get on an airplane? The answer to this question and others in a recent survey might surprise you.


Pittsburgh-based market researcher CivicScience collects data on consumer preferences via polling widgets that run on and hundreds of other publishing sites across the country. Here’s a sample of what’s been learned about our behavior and perceptions of the future during the pandemic. Each question had a minimum of 1,000 responses.

Would you or would you not choose to travel by air if it becomes standard policy to have your blood tested as proof of COVID-19 antibodies/good health in order to get on an airplane?

Air Travel


If Gov. Tom Wolf issued a notice today for Pennsylvanians to go back to normal day-to-day activities in order to prevent any further negative impact on the economy, how would you respond?

Gov Wolf Activities

If/when a vaccine to protect people from COVID-19 becomes available, would you opt to receive it?


Has the pandemic made you rethink the area in which you live?

Reconsider Location

Have you received a black market haircut from your hair stylist/barber during the quarantine?

Black Market Haircut

Have you been running more during the ongoing COVID-19 social isolation period, either for exercise or just general fresh air/mental health reasons?


Does spending time on social media make you feel more connected or isolated?


Do Zoom/video calls with friends make you feel awkward?

Zoom Calls

Have you tried an at-home meal kit from a local restaurant?

At Home Meal Kit

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