Home Style: Luxurious Upgrades

How to turn your bathroom into a digital wonderland.

A kitchen cabinet made from Corian in Eggersmann’s Unique line enables you to open your storage space with one touch.


How would you like a bathroom mirror with a built-in television? Or a kitchen cabinet that opens horizontally with the push of a button? What about a digital command center that plays music from your iPod and controls a room’s lights — and even its smells?

“We’re trying to keep up with technology and the latest trends,” says Brent Hugus, who co-owns Luxe kitchen and bath design store in Market Square with John Nicklas.

Luxe recently expanded to Indigo Square in East Liberty, joining other new shops that include a baby boutique, chemistry, owned by Hugus’ wife, Jeneane.

“It seems like it’s on the verge of really developing in that area, and we like to be on the forefront of what’s happening in Pittsburgh,” Hugus says.


This vessel sink [starts at $1,650] from WETSTYLE’S CUBE collection contains eco-friendly, soy-based resins and natural mineral stones.


“With the showroom in Market Square — I think eight to 10 restaurants have moved in, but we were one of the first storefronts here when they redeveloped the Buhl Building. Downtown has totally changed since then, and I can see the same thing happening in East Liberty.”

The new 4,000-foot showroom in East Liberty is larger than the Market Square location, and it provides space for more interaction between customers and the products. Many of the pieces will be functional, and plans for the space include holding cooking demonstrations.

The site also will include about 75 to 100 lighting fixtures, three working bathrooms and two working kitchens, one traditional and one contemporary.


Don’t want to step into a cold shower? Use iGenie* to preheat your steam shower from up to 100 feet away.


The Market Square location is more of a boutique space for customers to map out their designs — one of Luxe’s defining characteristics is providing designers who create a room from inception to installation.

“It’s not just a customer coming in off the street and purchasing something. It’s an experience,” Hugus says.


Install iSteam* in your wall to customize the temperature, scent, music and lighting in your bathroom as if you’re using an iPad.


Multiple full-time designers are on staff at Luxe, and Hugus and Nicklas have design backgrounds as well. The two started collaborating after Nicklas, president of Nicklas Supply, attended Hugus’ portfolio review in 2007 at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. They worked together for six years before establishing Luxe this spring.

*Prices depend on the features installed with a steam generator



John Nicklas and Brent Hugus, Owners


205 Fifth Ave., Market Square; 412/281-3712

215 5991 Broad St., East Liberty; 412/661-1416


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