HOME Spring 2019

HOME editor Jessica Sinichak is humbled by how much the Best of Design contest has grown since she joined the magazine four years ago.

In October, I celebrated my four-year anniversary at Pittsburgh Magazine. When I joined the staff, we were in the process of revamping what was then called the “Home of the Year” contest — and we had maybe a handful of entries. 

Don’t get me wrong, the submissions were stunning, there just weren’t a lot of them. In the years since I’ve been at the magazine  — to keep things as fair as possible — we’ve cultivated a panel of enthusiastic design professionals from outside Pittsburgh who come back year after year to handle judging. Last year, we changed the contest to “Best of Design” and added several categories, including Best Outdoor Space and Best Room. We were rewarded by a flood of quality entries — the most in contest history. 

This year, we received even more stunning entries from a variety of design professionals and architects across Pittsburgh. I was blown away, and a little humbled, by how much our contest has grown from when I started in 2015, and the judges were very impressed with this year’s submissions.

I think it shows that design is a big part of Pittsburgh. We are building unique homes — and there’s plenty of local talent to create them. I’m proud that we can show off their outstanding work here. You can find this year’s amazing Best of Design winners here.

I also was tickled to hang out with Tyler and Brandi Kennedy for this issue’s My Favorite Room feature. The former Pittsburgh Penguins star — who is embarking on a new chapter — and his kids clothing entrepreneur wife were gracious enough to welcome me into their home just a month after their son was born. As a mom of two little ones (who vividly remembers those tiring newborn days) I appreciated their willingness to share their home with readers. They couldn’t have been sweeter. 

Don’t forget to check out This Old Pittsburgh House. Columnist Mark Houser’s article on the property where composer Stephen Foster was born is one of his best yet. 

This also is the part where I remind you about the 2020 Best of Design Contest. If you’re building or remodeling a home in 2019, consider sending us those photos. They could be featured in the March issue! 

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