Home Front: Take the Plunge

Get away from watered-down designs by amping up your digs with the help of Beth Fay Lane from SPLASH.

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“With an incredible mix of materials and practical products for bath, kitchen and home, SPLASH features major international brands, as well as specialty, niche, domestic and one-of-a-kind creations,” says Beth Fay Lane, marketing director and hardware specialist at SPLASH. “We offer the expertise and options that will make your space shine.”

Design Tips

» It’s the extra effort that elevates a design from good to great — so don’t hold back. Whether it’s through the use of bold color, tiling all the way up the walls (or even the ceiling), or by adding amenities like steam, a rain shower or unconventional lighting and hardware, great design is more accessible than ever before.

» Utilize the wealth of inspiration from online resources like Pinterest for more style, performance, versatility and sustainability ideas.

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