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House15143 provides furnishings for every ZIP code.

Photos by Renee Rosensteel


The owners of House15143 came up with their motto in a nearby coffee shop and jotted it down on a paper napkin. Today, it’s displayed on a large wood board behind the Sewickley boutique’s cash register: “Old is new. Less is more. Color is king. Flowers are fresh. Mix and match. Reuse and reinvent. Play with pattern. Stage to sell. Find your style. Love your home.”

Above that advice are the words: “House Rules.” Co-owners Kristin Bordeau and Danielle Franks have followed them in the two years since they opened the shop on Beaver Street.

The Sewickley mothers met while raising children of similar ages. Both have corporate-level backgrounds in retail, and after becoming friends they decided to open their own space to sell home goods.

“We both love to decorate,” Bordeau says.

They wanted to offer design services as well, and that part of the business has taken off. They say they generally have one big project in the works as well as “a sprinkle” of ongoing consultations.

“We do paint selection to full kitchen renovations,” Bordeau says. “No job is too small or too big. We can come into your home and tell you what you need, whether you buy it from [us] or not.

“Sometimes a coat of paint or a pillow can spruce up a place. But it’s also nice, if you have the budget, to renovate a room at a time or a whole floor.”

The store specializes in framed and matted custom prints — customers can personalize a family tree, a wedding date, or even a fun lyric or quote. All prints cost less than $100 and make great gifts for any occasion, Bordeau says.

House15143 also offers cotton canvas pillows, cheese boards, pads of paper tear-off placemats in multiple designs, picture frames, candles, soaps, books and cocktail shakers.

“We both love to entertain, so most of the things you see in the store we actually use in our homes,” Bordeau says.

“We love it. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it.”  

➊ Pittsburgh cotton canvas down pillows [$62 each].  


➋ Reclaimed double-drawer coffee table [$875].  


➌ Custom-framed art [$59] on chair-metal easel [$14].


➍ Sydney Hale Co. soy wax double-wick candle [$29].  


➎ Kitchen Papers placemat pads, 50 disposable sheets [$26].



Kristin Bordeau and Danielle Franks, co-owners

439 Beaver St., Sewickley

412/259-8953, house15143.com

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