Home Front: Green Up Your Space

Creative design strategies and sustainable resources give Artemis Environmental its eco-chic edge.

Reclaimed white-oak table (pricing available upon request)


Ian Miller of Artemis Environmental equates the building industry’s current concentration to that of the nation’s food movement — “focused on age-old techniques [with] an emphasis on quality.” And he should know: At Artemis Environmental, Miller has a variety of sustainable building products and finish materials, including flooring, countertops, paints, decorative plasters and day-lighting systems.

Concrete Zen flooring and countertop


“We also offer complete design, installation and construction management services,” adds Miller, who finds that the more time spent designing, planning and scheduling a project, the smoother the actual construction phase goes.

Design Tip

“General drawings are essential. When all is said and done, even a small bathroom renovation will often have a dozen people working on it at one time or another. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Any changes made are costly and often detract from the final quality.”

Sustainable shower-base flooring by VersaCork


The Next Big Trend

“I think a lot of new building products and techniques are actually old practices; however, with modern technology applied, the emphasis on sustainability, indoor air quality and personal health, a general movement of these ideas will progress into the mainstream.”

Zen garden planter


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