Home Front: First Family of Flooring

Shopping at Molyneaux for the latest in flooring products is meant to be a personal experience.

Photos by John Altdorfer


Instead of trying to help customers imagine how a new piece of flooring will look in their homes, Molyneaux will bring the product to them.

“It’s so you can look at it with your own lighting and furniture,” says Ron Cuprik, a team leader for the Robinson location.

“In today’s busy lifestyle, [in which] the husband and wife both work, we can come to their home at their convenience,” he says. “Most companies try to go with the cheapest price, while we stress quality and workmanship and service.”


The words “tile, carpet and wood” follow the Molyneaux name in the company’s logo. Those products have been the company’s specialties since it originated in 1930 in Verona; today the third generation of the Molyneaux family now runs the company, which has seven showrooms.

Popular now in tile are ceramic and porcelain floor tiles that resemble wood. Luxury vinyl tiles in wood or ceramic looks also are trending.


“The quality we sell really mimics wood and ceramic, so it’s hard to tell the difference,” says Cuprik, noting the luxury vinyl tile provides the appearance of wood but is more scratch- and water-resistant. It’s popular for use in kitchens, basements and other rooms where moisture is present and by families with pets.

For carpet, frieze styles with a more-textured look and a flick of a secondary color are big sellers. These are good options for customers who are concerned about stains. Even with stain-resistant carpet, it’s often more difficult to remove a stain completely from a solid color, Cuprik says.

In wood, products ranging from typical oak to more exotic styles such as Brazilian cherry or tigerwood are popular, he notes.
Molyneaux will help customers find the right flooring and stay with them until the process is finished, Cuprik says.

“We’re design to installation — a one-stop shop.”


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