Home Front: Counter Intelligence

Willowbrook Design cooks up high-quality kitchens using rich ingredients.

All projects by Willowbrook Design, LLC.

“When homeowners engage with a design firm, they should expect high-quality products to be offered in a range of price points,” says Kathy Cvetkovich, owner and senior designer at Willowbrook Design, which offers custom kitchen, outdoor kitchen and bath design. “Simply throwing exorbitant amounts of money at a project doesn’t make it wonderful. Good design does.”

She believes the lines of cabinetry and kitchen pieces or furniture can reach a broad spectrum of customers who enjoy cooking or just entertaining. When it comes to a fair budget, Cvetkovich takes it seriously. “New kitchen budgets have a range, and everyone is looking for the best possible value — that’s what we offer.”

Design Tips

» Look for these must-have properties in a product line: a reasonable price point, product value and customer service. Willowbrook Design has three primary cabinetry lines that offer each of these qualities — including Mouser Custom Cabinetry, which builds anything Willowbrook draws up. The other lines are Wentworth, which offers custom furniture amenities while using state-of-the-art production methods, and Indiana Pennville Custom Cabinetry, which can accommodate various customer requests.


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