HOME Fall 2018

I had a few Tim Gunn moments during the making of this issue.

I felt sort of like the nattily dressed fashion mentor from “Project Runway” as I corralled the interior designers (Hello, designers!) for an epic photo shoot at Becky Thurner Braddock’s studio on the South Side — although in a skirt, not a suit.

Unlike Tim Gunn, I wasn’t there to critique the designers’ work. I was there to admire it.

We have featured all of these designers’ fantastic, imaginative work in various HOME editions throughout the years. This issue marks a departure from the past in that it’s the first time we’ve featured the actual designers — and not their rooms — on the cover of the magazine.

The shoot was inspired by the classic Vanity Fair “Hollywood” issue featuring notable actors on the cover. After all, these are the stars of the local design game. Find their stories here.

If you’re looking for home inspiration (or envy), turn to “A Tale of Two Kitchens.” Longtime neighbors the Youngs and the Deatons did fantastic renovations to their stone homes, although in wildly different styles.

I particularly enjoyed the black-and-white mural in the Young home. Admittedly, when I first heard they had a mural painted in their kitchen, I was confused. Was it a sunset? A mountain silhouette? I was pleasantly surprised to find a sophisticated, narrative piece of art by Kim Fox of Worker Bird. The artwork depicts all the things the family loves. I love it, too!

I also recently moved into a new office at work, and after reading about PPG Paints’ 2019 Color of the Year, I’m considering painting the room Night Watch. The deep blue-green is supposed to give you the calming feeling of being in nature — and who doesn’t want that, especially in a deadline-driven office.

Last, thank you to everyone who voted in our inaugural Readers’ Choice Poll. You’ll find the winners here.

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