Hit the Street: Highland Park

Want to get dinner, drinks and an amazing dessert all in one neighborhood? We've got it all planned for you.

E2 photo by Laura Petrilla

With its booming restaurant district, Bryant Street is perfect for local gourmands (and for those who just like to eat). Here, a list of spots to visit for a perfect evening of appetizers, drinks and everything in between.

Kick off your night out by grabbing starters at E2, chef Kate Romane’s first solo project. While the menu changes often, you really can’t pick a bad “OMG” item (as in, “Ohmygosh — I’m so hungry!”); winning choices have included white beans and the Gorgonzola mess (just as it sounds, and amazing), both of which are served with housemade focaccia.

Venture across the street to Smiling Banana Leaf, known for its sublime Thai fare. Grab a table and order a super-filling classic — green curry, cashew chicken or (of course) pad Thai.

After all of that, walk off your meal by heading back a few blocks to the Highland Park Reservoir. Admire the picturesque setting, loop around and clear your mind — and then think about the fantastic food you’ve eaten thus far. You should be content — you’re close to nature and pretty full.

Journey back to Bryant Street one last time to indulge in sweets from Park Bruges, the perfect way to end your outing. Expertly made by chef Susie Treon, the homemade desserts, including apricot and caramel-apple tarts, satisfy. Depending on your pick, you could order a Belgian brew or a cocktail to go with your treat. 

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