Hidden Assets

Guys may be tempted to wear their underwear as outerwear with these colorful (and comfortable) finds from Trim Pittsburgh.

Although Valentine’s Day has been heralded as a holiday for the ladies, you don’t want to forget about the guy in your life as the day approaches.

So forget about the lingerie, and instead consider getting your significant other a pair of cool — and comfortable — underpants he’ll love from Trim Pittsburgh.

The East Liberty shop, which opened in 2014, sells designer men’s underwear, socks, swimwear and T-shirts.

For Valentine’s Day, we heart the red-and-black striped boxers [$29] from London-based brand James Tudor.

“A lot of people like James Tudor because it has a style to it,” Trim owner Thomas West says.

Hot stuff! 

Available at Trim Pittsburgh
5968 Baum Blvd.
East Liberty



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