Happy #thanksgivingstahl, Mr. Mayor

This past Thursday, I planned to make a huge deal out of Luke Ravenstahl's nearly year-old tweet, dating to Thanksgiving '09. Then he tweeted again.

Dear Lukey:

As you knew, I had planned to make a big to-do out of your last tweet that took place one year ago in which you, the mayor who was going to bring sexy back via social media, wished all of Pittsburgh a happy Thanksgiving. "Happy Thanksgiving," you tweeted. And then you stopped tweeting for close to one whole year. There was that tweet. Sitting there. Mocking us all. Through Christmas and Snowmaggedon and Valentine’s Day and Easter … "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"

So when that tweet was about to circle around from outdated to relevant again, we thought to retweet that hell out of it, smack a #thanksgivingstahl hashtag on it and make it trend, then all of Twitter would be all, "What is THANKSGIVINGSTAHL?!?"

But then, you, you crafty son of a gun. I say that, with a hint of endearment and grudging respect, you waited until late the night before Thanksgiving, just as we were warming up our retweet fingers, to do this:


Oh. Em. Gee.

You did not.

You deleted your old tweet first, giving us nothing to retweet, and then you tweeted the EXACT SAME THING, except in a burst of epic cheekiness, you added a winky emoticon.

That winky emoticon. It MOCKS me with its grinning winky-ness.

Well played, Mr. Mayor.

Well played, touche, [golf clap], and all that jazz.

I assume that next year, you’ll tweet, "Happy Thanksgiving! :p"


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