Greenfield Coffee Shop Offers More Than Just Great Java

With a focus on handmade, organic goods, Staghorn Home & Garden Café in Greenfield features local coffee brews, unusual items and community events.



Their families thought they were nuts.

Against everyone’s advice, Mark and Kate Morris — who met in college while both were obtaining master’s degrees in architecture — decided to give up a steady income to open a boutique that sold home and garden retail items while also serving as a coffeehouse.

At the time, Kate, 34, was a stay-at-home mom to Sam, now 2. Mark, 39, quit his job to focus on their new business venture.

“We had a certain feeling that if we didn’t just do it and do it together, it wasn’t going to be successful,” Kate says. “We got started using money from retirement funds, and we had enough to live on for one year.”

In December 2014, the couple opened Staghorn Home & Garden Café in Greenfield. From the start, Staghorn, which specializes in locally made coffees and other foods, plus items for the home and garden, was a hit with locals. When the couple first moved to Greenfield three years ago, they noticed the lack of a coffee shop. 

Kate, whose mother is a master gardener, long had wanted to open her own home-and-garden retail boutique. For years, she sold her handcrafted terrariums at local “I Made It!” indie-crafts markets.

When a charming former pharmacy along Greenfield Avenue became available for lease, the couple decided it was the perfect place for a “garden café.”

“It’s a bit of a new concept,” Kate says. “There aren’t too many retails stores that also are a café.”

Besides Kate’s terrariums, Staghorn — named for one of Kate’s favorite plants — features brews from Zeke’s Coffee, ice cream sandwiches from Leona’s and soup from Soup Nancys, all of which are based in Pittsburgh. Other regionally made items include Supernatural Soap, 1820 House candles and Una Biologicals skincare.

Staghorn also holds community events, including live music, poetry readings, planting workshops for children and how-to clinics for creating terrariums. 

Staghorn Home & Garden Café
517 Greenfield Ave., Greenfield



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