Gone Viral: Baton Twirler is ‘Show-Stopper’ in 4th of July Parade

Video of David Peters' performance in the Monroeville 4th of July parade has been viewed nearly a half a million times on social media.

David Peters earns a living as a pharmacy technician, but his side job is as a baton twirler. Video of his performance during Monroeville's 4th of July parade has become an internet sensation, generating hundreds of thousands of views. He says that he taught himself how to twirl a baton when he was seven-years-old. 

“It just stuck.. I never got into football, never got into sports, [twirling] just entertained me,” he told WTAE-TV.

Peters says his real motivation is for his partner who is battling cancer. He says his performances are the best kind of medicine.

“I get him to smile, and I get him to get out of the house and that makes me happy, seeing him happy.”


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