Garden in a Glass: Why You'll Love a Terrarium

How does your garden grow? Add a touch of greenery to your desk or living space (and skip the weeding) with a low-maintenance terrarium.


Gardens are beautiful to look at, but unless you’ve got the time, or a really great green thumb, they can be hard to maintain — which is why we love terrariums.

Terrariums, which are becoming more and more popular, are built by covering the bottom of an open (or closed) glass container with rocks or pebbles to create a drainage system for plant roots. A layer of potting soil and plants — think moss, ferns, cacti or succulents — are then added to the glass globe.

For those with a “brown thumb,” succulents can be your best friend. As the name suggests, the plants — which are thick and fleshy — retain water, making them pretty hard to kill … even if you forget to water them.

Make the terrarium your own by adding whimsical touches such as seashells. Or, create a miniature world for your little ones (and spark their imagination) by adding doll furniture or a fairy figurine.

For adults, we like this terrarium handcrafted at Staghorn Home & Garden Café in Greenfield. The pretty greenery is a great way to perk up your desk or an end table. Best of all, you don’t have to weed them!

Available at Staghorn Home & Garden Café
517 Greenfield Ave., Greenfield


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