Gallery Crawl: A Look At Some Featured Programming

SPACE, 812 Liberty Ave.: Luminescent Orchestrii will be playing klezmer/Gypsy/punk rock ‘n’ roll. Jesse Hulcher guest curates "SMOKE AND MIRRORS," featuring the work of 20 artists "faking it in every sense of the word."

Agnes R. Katz Plaza: Salsa dancing to Johnny Blas Latin Orchestra.

Corner of Eighth and Penn avenues: Line dancing with Roland Ford.
937 Liberty Ave.: Gospel performance with Deryck Tines and the Spirit and Soul Gospel Choir.

Wood Street Galleries, 601 Wood St.:
"Physical Conditions," featuring installation work by Henrik Menne, Marnix de Nijs, Edward van der Heide and Donato Piccolo that investigates the physicality of sensory experience.

ArtUp, 820 Liberty Ave.:
"Revelations" – post-apocalyptic emporium by C.B. Fisher, an abstract satire on the beauty of survival after a demise of civilization.

707 Penn Ave.: "DISCOMBOBULATED," new works by Marc Burgess.

709 Penn Ave.: "Satan’s Camaro" prints on wood by Justin Strom and Lenore Thomas.

943 Liberty Ave.: T-shirt art exhibition.
MCG @ 800 Penn Avenue: An exhibition of art made while participants wore chalk shoes. It’s by Julia Mandle.

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