Gaining Momentum? Make Monday After Super Bowl a Holiday

The Monday after the Super Bowl is notorious for hangovers and being a miserable day at work (if you show up at all). But the Kraft Heinz Company wants to give you the day off.


From its online video campaign, it would appear Heinz is serious about creating a new national holiday, “Smunday,” the day after the Super Bowl. Then again, maybe it’s just a clever marketing ploy. Either way –– as of Wednesday afternoon –– the ketchup maker’s petition on has picked up more than 50,000 digital signatures. If it makes it to 100,000, the company promises to bring it before Congress.

The premise of the online video campaign is simple: People enjoy the Super Bowl so much that on the day after, their productivity at work plummets.

The numbers may seem extraordinary, but the data doesn’t lie. A 2016 Harris Poll study found that an estimated 16.5 million people miss work, while 7.5 million show up late. The data makes sense, considering the 1.3 billion chicken wings and 325 million gallons of beer consumed the night before. A 2016 Office Pulse survey concludes that businesses lose an estimated $1 billion in productivity.

Kraft Heinz is backing up its campaign by giving its in-office employees the day off on Feb. 6.

Another option that’s been kicked around is to move the Super Bowl to Presidents' Day weekend, pretty much guaranteeing that lots of Americans would already have "Smunday" off. Nicole Kulwicki, head of brand build for Heinz, tells Ad Age that the company hopes its campaign will amplify the ideas plenty of people have already had for years.

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