Funny Grim Reaper Urges Pittsburgh Pedestrians to Look Up

A new safety campaign by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, the Port Authority, and Allegheny County uses the catchphrase “Look Alive” to get pedestrians to watch where they are walking.


It's Halloween season, and you never know what you're going to see Downtown.

This video is part of a new safety campaign aimed at pedestrians who pay too much attention to their smartphone and too little to where they are walking.

According to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, the Grim Reaper (and potentially other scary characters) will engage pedestrians who may have their heads buried in their phones.  Anyone having an encounter will be given a “Get out of Death Free” card encouraging the pedestrian to “Look Alive” and to visit the Look Alive website to become a safer, more engaged pedestrian.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there were nearly 300 pedestrian accidents Downtown last year.


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